Everybody’s day consists of 86,400 seconds but does everybody get as much done within that time?

How is it that some businesses get more done in less time?  It’s great to have time, but you need to manage it effectively and efficiently.

So what mistakes are you making?

You Try to Multitask

In today’s world multitasking is used by everyone. Unfortunately, while it looks great on paper, it isn’t great in reality.

When you multitask, you slow yourself down and you don’t produce your best work.

We cannot focus on 2 tasks at the same time. So when we try to do too many tasks at the same time, we do not fully focus on either, and therefore we actually slow ourselves down.

When we are in the state of flow, we are fully immersed in an activity which means that we work much better and faster. That state of mind cannot be reached if we multitask.

The quality of our work falls down and it also takes longer to do overall.

Multitasking prevents you from focusing on what is actually important.  When you are attending a business meeting, do not answer your emails or read articles that are non-relevant. You will lose concentration and reply poorly to your emails and will have little knowledge of what happened in the meeting.

You Choosing Not to Plan


You might know what you need to do but if you don’t plan when you need to do it, you will delay. And delaying your work means that you will lose productivity. If you don’t plan, you cannot work effectively.

“Should I do this or should I do that?” You spend time thinking about what you should do rather than actually doing it. One thing worse than producing bad work is producing no work at all and the lack of planning can contribute towards that.

Productive people make plans ahead of time so that they don’t have to delay their actions by thinking about what they should do next.

If you don’t plan, the results will be catastrophic to your business. You will miss your goals and your work won’t be as rewarding. You will work longer and with worse results.

Plan, Act and Track Your Ideas

Design Your Business in 365 Days is the perfect tool to will help you organize yourself better and provide you with daily motivation to reach high productivity levels.

 So what are you waiting for?

Stop thinking too much. Don’t lose the opportunity to put your business in the right direction.



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