For the second time, we are pleased to announce that DESIGN IN 365 DAYS’ Cristina Marsan, will be presenting at the Tempo di Libri Book Fair in Rho Fiera, Milan. Once again, the presentation will be in both Italian and English, and will be held on Saturday 22nd April at 3:30 pm at the most prestigious event on the Italian book industry calendar.
On this occasion, Cristina will be putting one foot forward for the second volume in the “DESIGN your… in 365 DAYS” bookplanner series, which will be coming out at the end of May. “DESIGN your happiness in 365 DAYS” will be there to guide us as we follow our bliss.
For some reason, nowadays, our own happiness never seems to be a priority…. But why shouldn’t it be? Cristina will be explaining why we deserve to put ourselves first every now and then, and how “DESIGN your happiness in 365 DAYS” can help you to do this in your own individual way.
During the creation of the bookplanner, we at DESIGN IN 365 DAYS were reminded of those little things that matter in life. We too were encouraged to change our philosophy, collect our happy moments and really appreciate life to the full.
At the talk, Cristina and other members of the DESIGN IN 365 DAYS team will be present. We want to share our experiences with you, so that you too can remember to be happy at least once in a while!


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