During the most important event on the Italian book circuit, our very own Cristina Marsan, founder of DESIGN IN 365 DAYS and author of the “DESIGN your… in 365 DAYS” bookplanners, will be presenting the first volume in the series.
And what better occasion to present this first than at the first edition of the Tempo di Libri book fair happening in Milan? The presentation will take place on Thursday 20th April at 3:30 pm in both Italian and English.
Cristina is really excited about this opportunity where she is looking forward to explaining how the project came to life and the motivations behind it. With “DESIGN your business in 365 DAYS”, we break down the daunting task of developing your own business, or business strategy, into small bite-sized pieces. Cristina will be explaining how a book can help you to achieve your long-term goals and ambitions.
With a wealth of experience, Cristina will be on hand to provide valid professional advice and encouragement to those just starting out or who need a little push in the right direction!
Make the time to invest in yourself and come along to hear what Cristina has to say. She really is very approachable and can’t wait to answer your questions!


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